By Jenna Clark

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


The gut is one of the most important systems within our bodies. Unfortunately, It also is the most temperamental! Our gut is like our second brain. This guy controls and regulates so many of our body’s functions. Our moods, metabolism, illnesses and the obvious one, digestion. The health of our digestive tract is imperative for our overall well-being.

So, what even happens in the digestive tract? Well first of all, there is good bacteria in this system. This can affect your body’s vitamin & mineral absorption, hormone regulation, vitamin production, immune response and the ability to eliminate toxins.

Get this! Good Bacteria also regulates your overall mental health! This is so important! Our mental and emotional health become clogged when the gut is.

How do we make sure our gut stays healthy?

All disease begins in the gut


Healthy Gut

Here are 5 different ways to maintain optimal digestive health:

  1. Ditch the SugarsProcessed food is dangerous to our health. Sugars are difficult to recognize in our foods. Sugars hide in additives, preservatives, ingredients you can’t even pronounce, and chemicals we aren’t even meant to consume in the first place!

Refined sugar and processed foods destroy our gut, causing extreme imbalances and killing our good bacteria that resides there. Instead of choosing the boxed and bagged items at the store, choose Whole Foods that are raw and preferably organic.

2. Load up on MagnesiumWhat is Magnesium? This nutrient is greatly needed within our bodies. It regulates over 300 processes. Such as, boosting mood, improves quality of sleep, calms nerves and reduces anxiety, relieves muscle soreness, regulates calcium, potassium and sodium levels, prevents headaches, and simply helps with digestion.

Where can I get Magnesium, you ask? Simple! Flaxseed, leafy greens, or high grade supplements. Make sure to ask someone to help you find the correct type of magnesium for you.

3. Good Bacteria support This is not foreign. We have heard of them before – Probiotics! Probiotics live in our digestive tracts. These are needed to keep gut health and our well-being in tip top shape! A great way to start the day is taking a 50 billion strand probiotic on an empty stomach.

4. Drink WaterAs humans, we are 70%+ made up of water. Despite what people may think it is essential for us to survive. Though, it is also imperative for our gut health. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

5. Relax and Reduce StressAs mentioned before, the brain and the gut are directly related, especially when it comes to stress. When the body is in a stressful state the brain is triggered to go into fight of flight mode. This can stop our digestive tract, decreasing metabolism and causing many problems.

How can we De-Stress?

Great ways to reduce stress in our lives are meditation, yoga, coloring, reading, therapy, exercise, and the great outdoors!

Using these techniques will increase our gut health and maintain it. You will see improvements within your mood, sleep patterns, motivation, ability to fight off illness, circulation, and many more health benefits.

The only thing you need to do is start loving your gut! Make it healthy – the rest of your body will tank you for it!


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