By Jenna Clark

Check out my Vault!

Build the Perfect Vault, Keep your Dwellers happy in Fallout Shelter!

Good grief! Talk about third ones a charm! Have you ever wanted to have full control and domination over a colony undergroud? Well in Fallout Shelter, you can have just that. Unfortunately, there is more skill needed to be had in this game to make it go smoothly.

Onto the first Vault I created, Vault 536, this was a complete mess! I expanded way to quickly and in no time all of my dwellers were suicidal and my shelter was slowly dwindling. At this moment i realized that I am the Vault leader, which in return, pretty much means I am God. So…

Delete Vault 536 and create Vault 245!

Woo hoo! Success!

“No…No… He wasn’t ready!”

Taking my time, I begin slowly following the prompts. I quickly loose caps from expanding, though resources at this time were plentiful. Then BOOM! Now, I’m low in food… what? I throw every chick in the diner screaming….

“get in the kitchen women make me a sandwich ”

Obviously, they weren’t having my sexist remarks because food was then down to nothing. Ugh! Work with me dwellers! I tried two days to figure out what to do to save yet another Vault. That is when brilliant idea number 2 came rushing into my head as I was pulling into the parking lot of Burger21.

Fantasizing of their sweet potato fries. Duh!

Through devouring my cheesy burger, no onions on a gluten free bun and sweet potato fries dipped in toasted marshmallow sauce, I began the EPITOME of Vaults! I built rooms, placed dwellers and collected lunchboxes with such precision! This is the Vault of Vaults!

Taking a look back, in my previous games I was so concerned of the dwellers outside. Yet, now I just realize my Vault is the one people cross the wastelands to be in and we dont accept ANY #DNB! (Thank you @rondarousey)

I have not expanded.  I am collecting resources, caps, and making sure baby making is successful so that the Vault isn’t run by a bunch of morons!

All in all, my loss of two Vaults is my gain for the domination of lands.

That being said, I do not feel as bad for the total destruction and masses being lost. They martyred to create and shape the future! They are heros! They will not be forgotten!

Thank you Vault 536 and Vault 245. It is because of you and your bravery that Vault 666 now has a chance!

RIP ???

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