By Jenna Clark

Geek? I prefer the term


Hello Geeky World! How exciting! I began Geeks & Garters in 2009 to share my geeky experiences with the world and connect others to a world full of adventure, fantasy and SciFi. Unfortunately, I was to afraid to be vulnerable and transparent to those I didn’t know. And quite frankly to those I did know. I understand that many of you can relate to this feeling. The amount of anxiety and stress I have in my life can be to much.

Well, I am now here for ME and ready to geek it out to whom ever wants to take part!:)

This blog is mostly about geeky things that I enjoy with a lot of health related posts because sometimes those are needed. I would also like to touch base a lot on our emotional experiences. There are so many times now and growing up that I do not process my emotions in a healthy manner. With my background in Hypnotherapy and holistic healing, I want to be able to share tools to use to help when you feel similar ways that I have and needed guidance, support and help.

Through Hypnotherapy you can heal your thoughts which in return can heal your body.

The world we now live in thrives off of geekdom and rightfully so! With many comics coming to the big screen, comic cons having an all time high for attendance, and humanity is starting to let their geek flag fly! There are still intelligent beings out there my faith in humanity has been restored.

Who ever said we can’t be geeky and have class?

Here’s to geeky chic!

I appreciate you all and please do not hesitate to share with me as well! I sure would love to hear what geeky things you love too!

Geek Responsibly!

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