Strong Is The New Sexy

It is easy to consume fat burners, supplemental shakes, or even starve ourselves. Fast and unhealthy weight loss is a growing obsession these days. Society bombards us with unrealistic body goals on social media, we are part of judgments focused on physical appearance, and we are pressured to be a size zero every time we look in the mirror.

This is all harmful. I felt this pressure even in fifth grade, more so as I got into high school and it even happens now. There was a point of time I became bulimic to try to change my image faster. It wasn’t until I had food allergies and leaky gut syndrome  tearing me up that I realized I can’t do those “quick fixes” and “fast result” weight loss. It isn’t even about weight loss. It is all about gaining health.

I am still trying to heal my relationship with food.

Being a female myself, I know that it is difficult to think positively of ourselves. One thing I have observed for myself is having positive thoughts and feeling good about myself made me feel more confident and much easier to be around.

You are gorgeous! and totally amazing!

Number One: Shoot for no more than 1-2lbs of weight loss per week

It may be upsetting. I know we want instant gratification, especially if there is 50 to 60lbs you want to lose, yet shedding 1-2 per week is going to get you to your goal and help you to stay there. Let’s break it down for ya… One pound is basically 3500 calories. If you lose one pound per week, that means you’ve eaten 3500 fewer calories that week or essentially burned an extra 3500 calories, or a combination!

Two: Weigh yourself no more than once a week.

I have tested this before and noticed that I can weigh myself in the morning and by lunch time I am usually 2-3 lbs heavier! WTF! This can be caused by sodium intake, water loss, dehydration and even hormones. I am aware of this yet there is something about seeing those damn numbers go up and down that my mood takes an emotional roller coaster. This can create a lot of inner turmoil and sabotage your progress. So Quit it! Pick one day a week and time to do your weighing sessions. This will be more reliable.

Another thing to remember is usually the scale starts to go up due to building muscle.Just don’t jump on the scale at all.

Three: Consider taking your body measurements and a photo.

This is way more accurate then a scale. It could take weeks for the scale to reflect your work. Fat cells are  decreasing in size while your muscle cells are growing and getting more dense causing the scale to be higher. If you take your before hip thigh waist and arm measurements as well as your body fat percentage you will more than likely see results on a weekly basis.

Four: Beware of the things that can hinder your success.

We know what we are suppose to avoid. Stress is probably the biggest culprit though. Being stressed about your weight is one of the top reasons we slow down our progress. I know it is difficult. Look into some relaxing techniques such as hypnotherapymeditation, yoga, or even essential oils. Practicing these techniques will help calm your nerves and promote balanced and long-term weight loss!

Also, rapid weight loss is a weight loss killer. It is not healthy to loose 3-4 lbs a week. It lowers your metabolism significantly and PERMANENTLY! Your nutrition becomes depleted which causes energy crashes and cravings, yet also means your weight will be quick to find you again and increasingly more difficult to lose the next time.

With a well-paced approach to weight loss is the first step in developing a healthy relationship with your body. Now that you have the building blocks, we must shift our attention to increasing our self-love and positive self talk!

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