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I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. I may be a soulpreneur though I am definitely a Nerdpreneur at heart!  

This is a personal site where I share my own life journey, health and wellness tips, business building tactics, geeky things, and more. 

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I love music

Music is something that can change my mood in an instant. I can be in a shit mood and when I turn on a song that I enjoy I can completely shift. 

I can listen to mostly anything. It really just depends on how it affects me at that time. 


I love animals

I have a gorgeous kitten Layla. I guess she really isn’t a kitten any more. She knows how to sit, play fetch and she talks all day with you. She gives the best cuddles!


I also have a pup, Revan. He is adorable too. Still learning how to handle one another yet he is teaching me a lot of patience. 


i love being a geek

I have always been a geek. I just never knew. I love books! Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I get frustrated that I cannot absorb books faster and in more depth. 

I do enjoy comic books yet mostly the art is fascinating. I love seeing the techniques used. 

I am a huge commissions snob!

My Amazing


My name is Jenna Clark. I have mermaid hair and definitely do not care. 

I am originally from Wisconsin, Yet, in 2005, I moved to Tucson, Arizona to follow my parental units. I was not about to live in the snow alone.

As a result, this is where I studied Massage Therapy and started to see how totally epic I really could be.

in 2008, I moved to Phoenix

Right into the ghetto. Luckily I didn’t die because I have gone passed where I used to live and couldn’t believe I made it this far. Tons of crap has happened as well.

Time to Fast Forward

I received my associates degree in Transformational Psychology at Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. Which I was certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

I work at Godaddy

In 2017, I started work at GoDaddy. This was a huge change within my life. I realized things I was doing wrong, I figured out things that I absolutely love and now applying all of these in my life.

Things I love

I enjoy reading, yoga, loose leaf teas, podcasting, playing video games, makeup, hair, clothing, and especially food!

An outlet I use is my journal. I try to wake up early every morning to write. I have an obsession of leather bound journals.

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I love your feedback, your ideas, and anything you want to share with us!

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