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Tell me about your energy.

Statistically speaking, Americans feel 44% more stressed than they did 5 years ago. Then, 1 in 5 Americans experience “extreme stress” and 3 out of 4doctor visits are stress related ailments!

This brings us to energy zapper numero uno!

Mistake #1: Stressing out.

Everyone feels it, experiences it, yet very few of us take our stress seriously and understand the true threat it has on our overall health. When we go day in and day out with stress, it sends our cortisol through a roller coaster. This in turn weakens our immune system and wreaks havoc upon our energy.

Have no fear! We can learn to relax!

Learning how to relax can be a powerful tool. We can even train our bodies to handle stress with more ease. Meditation is one of the many tactics I utilize to reduce stress. Check out my article on 4 ways of Meditation Here!

Mistake #2: No Movement. 

Our bodies are not made for inactivity. Back as far as we can research, man was hunting, running, gathering, etc. Our cells contain spunky little engines called Mitochandria. These tiny powerhouses are responsible for turning our food into fuel.

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Now this is truly important:

The quality and quantity of these engines, determine the quality and quantity of energy we possess.

So, how do we build these little guys up? Through healthy lifestyle practices, duh! Exercise is right at the top of the list. What is one small change you can make that will add movement to your day?

Some examples you can find are within this article I wrote about Yoga to energize your mornings!

Mistake #3: Ignoring your gut.

In my most recent article, 5 ways to maintain gut health, I discuss how important the gut is to our overall well being. This is also directly related to our energy.

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There are 5 simple ways you can

start to heal your gut.

#1 Eat your fruits and veggies! Think of your gut as a garden. It needs proper care to thrive. The fertilizer that feeds your garden is fiber. So, eating more of a plant- based diet helps the good guys do their job and you feel fantastic in return!:)

#2 Reduce inflammation. This is a bit more difficult for our Standard American Diet (SAD). Honestly, there are way to many processed foods and especially refined sugars. This creates an imbalance in your gut which leads to inflammation. Replacing those foods with plant foods keeps harmful organisms at bay.

#3 Drink WATER. I couldn’t begin to tell you how important water is. This means ZERO soda, NO energy drinks. Rock that H2O!

#4 Chew your food! Beyond popular belief, your stomach is not equip with teeth. *Mind Blown* Use your teeth to help your stomach out. Digestion actually starts with the enzymes secreted within your mouth.

#5 Move your body. We already mentioned this one. Exercise actually increases the diversity of probiotics and also helps you poop! Woo Hoo:)

Now it is your turn. What is one thing you will do this week to begin healing your gut? 

Mistake #4: Chasing Perfection. 

This has to be my personal struggle. There is nothing fun or pleasurable about perfection. It is controlling, boring, and rigid. In fact, it is not even doable because perfection is a myth. What is one thing you’ve been beating yourself up for not doing “perfectly”?

Write it down and then cross that shit out! You’ve got more important things to do than worrying about being perfect.

It’s not about getting more energy. It’s about uncovering the innate energy and well-being that’s already inside you.

Again, make sure to leave a comment on how your energy has been feeling as of late and the things you will be doing to help increase it.


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