By Jenna Clark

To all you spiritual gangsters out there, I hear ya!

Growing spiritually, or in other terms awakening your spirit is miraculous.

This is something that I have been deeply working on for the past couple of years. Spirituality is something that I steered away from because of growing up as a Catholic. Not that anything is wrong with this it just turned me off to any church and religion.

I was driven to other avenues and started Yoga Teacher Training. It was life changing! I will have to go more in depth at a later time. I have noticed as I raise my vibration people around me fall out of the picture. Which is very heartbreaking and I am someone who wants to fix things. I am realizing that, not that anyone is better than another, it is a good thing for some to fall away. This allows room for people who are also in the same mindset. Even though some that I felt would be around forever leave other’s start to come into your life who are healthier and a lot more powerful in mind!

Waking up and opening your eyes to Spirituality is fun and exciting.

You get to know who you are on a deeper level as well as the world around you. This is EPIC!

Since, I was a young girl I always felt like there was so much more in life. I never felt like I fit in and always thought deeper than my schoolmates and loved ones around me. I am starting to find others like me, including one of my teachers, Gabby Bernstein!

It is one of the toughest situations starting to grow and become closer to who you are. Your surroundings begin to change, your awareness and those around you start to shift and possibly leave.

For my personal journey, I am beginning to see that I am at this point. Losing those that I thought were my friends and it is also testing my current relationships.

So, how can you better yourself and grow yet also maintain a relationship?

Honestly, I can’t say.

Sorry, I am in the same spot as you may be. BUT! I have some tips that may help you out.

To begin,

Remember that you loved each other for non-spiritual reasons in the first place.

I am pretty sure when you first saw your mate, you were drawn to them for different reasons like similar hobbies, events, or love.

Eventually, you fell so deeply for this person and now we are here!

PS: you may be going through a spiritual awakening or growing, yet that does NOT change anything about your relationship. It was already built before this new you!

On to the next,

Do NOT ever ever ever ever ever think lesser of them.

Once I started learning about healthier eating habits and life choices I shoved it down everyone’s face. I really lost a lot of “friends”. Whoops.

It is great knowledge. It is exciting and enjoyable. Some people are just not ready for its awesomeness. Which is FINE!

I am guilty. Looking down on those around me because their vibration wasn’t raised or raising like mine. I didn’t mean it in a mean way though. In my heart, I just wanted them to have a bite out of the spiritual cookie and enjoy life too.

This is a great time to reflect back on the religious figures, in whatever religion you choose not bias here, and remember how their stories were written.

They preformed incredible miracles and were so vibrationally powerful. Yet, they still lived amongst the poor and healed those who may not have been deserving in other’s minds. Remember to keep yourself humble and grounded.

Invite them to do the new things you enjoy.

Have you ever just asked if they wanted to participate? I may have been judgemental towards my ex- boyfriend when I started to practice yoga. “He totally should be doing this, I feel so much better after and gain more flexibility.” Did I ever ask him?

Maybe once or twice. Looking back now I know that my words were wrapped in fear and judgement. I was judging myself and reflecting it upon him. I felt I couldn’t ask him to join me in my weird voodoo witchcraft because he wouldn’t love me anymore.

Hault! Put on the breaks!

This attitude, this mindset, was all a reflection on my own feelings. There are times now his friends tell him about an issue they are having and he refers them to me. He loves me for me! Even if he calls my actions voodoo or that I am his little witch. I am now comfortable in who I am and what I am doing that I embrace it!

Reminder: we are individuals. Haven’t we been told time and time again to be our own person. Not to conform? Well that is pretty much what you are asking. So Stop it!

Don’t push the issue.

I am definitely not saying to not talk. This is you. You must be open, calm, loving, and inviting. It can hurt when they reject you. Do Not Take Things Personally.

(Read the Four Agreements)

Spirituality is not like a religion that pins you with a responsibility to convert every person you know and meet.

Spirituality is a very personal journey, and if the one you love doesn’t want to join in this adventure, don’t push the issue.

I was feeling upset about this topic, yet with just a small amount of willingness to let go I have been able to separate from feeling offended and judged by my ex-boyfriend. I practice this with my fiance now and I have seen changes in him because I am practicing patience and kindness towards him and myself.

What a beautiful thing!

Until next time Lovelies!



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