Oh, I’m not gonna kill you… I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad. -Joker


Suicide Squad came out a couple weeks ago which, as we all anticipated, had mixed feelings between fans and critics.  First of all, fans have ridiculed DC movies even before they hit the box office. This one is no different.

My amazing fiance came back from the Tampa Bay comic con and decided to treat me to dinner and a movie at the Tempe Marketplace Cine Capri! Jeremy and I are both nerds. We finished the most recent season of Gotham because of this Suicide Squad seemed to be the most practical option for us to see. I had already heard, months in advance, the critical comments everyone had about this movie and how they knew DC would fail again. Consequently, I was going in with zero expectations, I knew I would most likely enjoy the movie for what it was intended….entertainment?

I can’t wait to show you my toys. -Joker

Due to a weak script, harsh character building, besides Deadshot (Will Smith is a complete badass), and poor editing in general, Suicide Squad was definitely entertaining. Let’s scale it back to the Avengers. IronMan had 2 movies under his suit already. Captain America and Thor had one. They already had substance built within their characters for the Avengers. Marvel has more of a light-hearted airy feel to its stories. It came out and set a huge goal for others. Unfortunately, DC keeps trying to mold itself into this same genre.

Come on DC! Your stories are dark. Keep them that way! It is called *niching 

As a result, the pretty bad acting, poor character development, and now just wanting a movie strictly about Deadshot, there were a couple things okay with Suicide Squad.

Here it goes!

  1. Ms. Harley Quinn. Considering every guy and girl in the world are huge Harley fans now for some reason, Margot Robbie sure was successful at breathing some fresh life into the coveted character created by Paul Dini. Margot does Ms. Quinn justice by portraying her just as batshit crazy and wild as she is within the comics. Quinn is powered by witty remarks and a few emotional breakdowns. This allows her to be a better highlight of the movie.
  2. Cameos. The trailer shows a cameo with Batman. The Flash cameo was definitely unexpected.
  3. Soundtrack. This soundtrack was upbeat and assembled for the Squad. By the way, it is currently sitting at the #1 spot in the iTunes store. Each character had their own song.
  4. Alex Ross Reference. Some may have not caught this terrific reference to Alex Ross’s coveted Tango painting of the Joker & Harley. It is brief, yet seeing Robbie’s Harley don the original jester outfit was outstanding, to say the least:)

So, It was a pretty entertaining movie, to say the least. I am not saying to not go to this movie. I highly recommend going! Stop following the masses this is a great way to make your own mind up on something. ?  What? Can we think for ourselves? *Mind Blown*

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