DC Universe Has Released Photos
for Swamp Thing

By Jenna Clark

This is not your typical DC Universe Hero in Swamp Thing

The newest hero from the DC Universe is in the works of making his debut, yet this will be unlike anything the streaming service has seen. Whereas Titans used a grim and gritty approach to the superheroes, Doom Patrol embraced the weird, Swamp Thing will apply a more gruesome Gothic edge. Though, the most recent teaser suggested some more romantic elements to be had.

With the pilot premiere on May 31st, DC Universe just released new images from the plot for Swamp thing, including a look at the marshy creatures’ exterior

“I heard, without giving anything away, I heard on the production side at one point a story from one of the upper echelon creators, or studio execs saying something like, ‘Wait, you’re going to do what on-screen?’” Mears explained. “They go, ‘That’s pretty…that’s really violent.’”

Targeting the Audience

Much like the others, Titans, and Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing will take advantage of the streaming service’s mature label. I am a bit thrilled. Derek Mears recently stated that the show would be leaning heavily into that “hard R” rating.

Derek Mears in Swamp Thing (2019)
Derek Mears in Swamp Thing (2019)

One thing to note is that producer James Wan and writer Gary Dauberman both have been carefully managing the Conjuring franchise of films and spinoffs. Mears even compared Swamp Thing to be very much like Seven. Saying “like really dark and broody, and I’m excited.”

Furthermore, taking a glance at the images, I can say that I am excited yet also terrified to watch. The way that Swamp Thing is shown will be going to be downright horrifying. Think Davy Jones meets Predator. As a result, it looks like they will be taking a more practical approach to the monster’s look. 

Swamp Thing will premiere on May 31, 2019, exclusively on DC Universe.

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