Social Media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact. -Felicia Day

As you may already know, Felicia Day is the Queen of Geeks. She has been an inspiration to myself and geek girls everywhere! I have  hidden my geekiness for awhile, due to a destructive and extremely manipulating relationship. I am very happy to say that I am starting to open up again to the world on how amazing it is to be yourself.

Never mold yourself into what you believe is appropriate, appreciated or accepted by others.

I play video games, I read books, I have weird @$$ conversations, and sometimes I like to talk like the cowardly lion or impersonate Sarah Palin. This goes over well in large groups!

I am very awkward…actually people are very awkward and I can respect that. I realize they are just like me. So, let your freak flag fly bitches and raise whatever you want to the sky!

On to the real topic at hand. I had the opportunity to become a full on geek the other day! A month ago a friend of mine messaged me saying that Felicia Day herself was coming to Tempe, AZ! That is my backyard! Usually, at a moment of this magnitude I say how much I want to go though deep down I know I will not due to being embarrassed, anxious, nervous or scared. (Some of you can relate to this).

Yet, this is Felicia Day we are talking about here!

If I don’t go I will disown myself! My life would be a complete waste. Naturally, I purchased her book which guaranteed me a spot at the book signing! I put it in my calendar. I told everyone and posted it on my facebookWell, now I have to go!

Felicia Day

The weekend before the book signing sh!t started to get real! Oh my gosh… I will be going to a book signing! I will be going to a book signing of Felicia Day’s! WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT IF I MAKE AN ASS OUT OF MYSELF?! I WILL MAKE AN ASS OUT OF MYSELF! At the time, I tell my now ex-boyfriend I was going. (This is another thing I never did because he would make me feel horrible for doing things for myself. As I stated before it was a horrendous relationship). He told me I was a geek… You know what? Yeah, I am!

 Change that lasts a lifetime!
A place to read and relax!
Stories that have captured my heart

The day arrives, Monday August 17th…

I go to work. My insides are tight all morning. My friends message me and see that I am going. I see that there are roughly 500 people signed up on Facebook alone. What if i do not get to see her? No signing, No picture, I don’t get to see her smile… My heart races throughout the rest of the work day.

Finally, work was over. I drive…speed to my house. I sit in my closet looking for an outfit that will complement me the best yet not scream “I AM OBSESSED WITH YOU”. Am I already passed that point? Who cares. Anywho, I then sit in the bathroom.  Indian style it on my sink counter and apply my makeup. From concealer, blush, eye shadow, eye lashes I then began my hair. I decided to curl it. I felt safe. As I was getting myself ready my friends were messaging me asking when I would head over there.

I pulled into the parking lot and wanted to puke!
I pulled into the parking lot and wanted to puke!

Great news was that the book store decided to begin the signing early. My friend and I were in line and I could see her! At this moment, I could tell that I started to sweat. Finally, I was going to meet her. Since I wasn’t next I thought about running. No one would notice. While I contemplated we inched closer and closer to her table.

As a result, I was next. 

I walked towards her, smiling from ear to ear. She spoke to me! “I love your hair! You remind me of Jenna Marbles. You look like her” I lost it. I love Jenna Marbles and Felicia Day is even cooler than I thought! I couldn’t even talk. We got our picture taken and I was shifted to the side to wait for my friend to talk to her next.


Felicia Day Book Tour

That was the greatest experience of my life! Looking back at it now I wish I didn’t become startstruck. I wish I would have talk to her about the 1,000 topics I had in my head before I got in front of her. Yet, it was still something I did and survived. Anxiety and all!

Who is someone you saw and became star struck?


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