Christmas is just around the corner

As Christmas draws near, so does the period of long holidays and endless festivities. Every holiday and festivity cannot be a success without great food! We all know how much I absolutely LOVE food!

Regardless of the whether you wish to go on a family vacation or have a family reunion at home, food is the major factor to a successful celebration. That said, you may be wishing to switch up the normal Christmas cuisine for something that will leave a lasting impression.

Who doesn’t love waking up on Christmas morning with crisp air, fireplaces crackling, and breakfast and coffee cooking/brewing within the kitchen?

Just for you, I decided to add a couple of my favorite recipes from some of my favorite websites to help out this Christmas Season.

Gingerbread Spice Pancakes– Kris Carr

Vegan Eggnog Chia Pudding– Kris Carr

Vegan Rose´ Gummies– Gabrielle St Claire

24 of my FAVORITE Keto Christmas and Thanskgiving Recipes – Leanne Vogel

In this festive season, do not hold back.

Create fancy dishes for you, friends and family!


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