Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! 

I have not met any ladies who are not Mad for Makeup! It is one of the most exciting things we have as women. I am a complete Geek for Makeup, especially my Mac. Back in high school I wasn’t to big on makeup. Which was mostly due to being involved with swim team and I never had time to put it on. Though when I moved to Tuscon, Arizona, I began work at Buckle, my manager and the freight girl introduced me to the love of my life! That is correct. I became a Mac girl. I have definitely tried other brands. I am so sorry! Yet, they are not like my main besch, Mac!

So what makes Mac stand out more than other brands? Well, not only are their pigments vibrant af, their foundations are flawless and full coverage. I have had so many compliments that my face looks flawless even after events in the Arizona sun! I have “put my face on” in the morning and by the end of the day there might be imperfections around my mouth from eating! ? That is damn good if you ask me.

I came I saw I contoured!

There is a lot of negative feedback towards Mac being to heavy and full. Though there are a lot of different types of Mac makeup. The Mac professional artists help you with not only finding, matching and applying your best matched foundation. They will even apply other parts of your makeup while teaching you techniques, tools and skincare. Usually they only do this when you make a $50 appointment. Though the $50 can be put towards product. Which is a win win!

I agree, we must love ourselves 100%. I am not saying to change yourself to hide who you truly are. Sometimes it is just fun and empowering to feel girly! What is more girly then putting on a bomb ass shade of lipstick and nailing a perfect wing with your eyeliner? There is definitely something about putting on makeup and seeing the end result. I still see me.

There’s just a little bit more girly!


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