I must say the past few years have really impressed me with the amount of incredibly powerful, sexy (extremely sexy in some cases), awesome, superhero movies and TV shows that have been created! In 2012, my best friend Van invited me to join him at the release of The Avengers. We both were not sure what was going to come of this movie and if they were going to massacre yet another serious such as Blade: Trinity or in some eyes Batman Forever.  To our surprise we laughed through the whole damn thing and I, as most, fell in love with all of the sexy ass characters. Especially Scarlett Johansson’s character, Black Widow. Duh!

Anxiously anticipating the next Avenger movie, Age of Ultron, we were blessed with many new movies and TV shows that will change the status and level of the word geeks as we know it. Obviously, the movies of the individual avengers is always a treat so let’s jump right into the meat of the whole reason I am writing this blog in the first place. TV.

The same said friend introduced me to this lovely show, Arrow. 

Could life get more perfect than this?

How did I not know of this before? And yes as some of you roll your eyes in total geekery thinking “Gosh, she’s so dumb. Arrow is DC”
K. I know. Yet, this show was a gateway into the true show that has got me smitten! So, it deserves mentioning!

Anywho, We watched roughly 4 episodes in the first night, which is more of a 1/2 marathon for my usual excursions of TV. He had left and I stayed up watching the other 1/2 of the marathon!

I am pretty sure God was thinking “How can I torture all of the geeky women in the world? Ah yes, I will create Stephen Amell..and soon there after I will bring forth Robbie! Take that geeky girls swoon for his loins and luscious smile” Why God seems so creepy is beyond me.

Anywho, that is what happened. That is how Arrow began.

I think…:-D

Holy Crap…Side Note! I was just linking Stephen’s IMDB info on his name just in case anyone was extremely lame and out of the loop to know who this gorgeous god was, come to find out he has been in so many TV shows that I have watched and obviously missed him! New Girl, Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, nonetheless Blue Mountain State that I watched 3 times over because it was cancelled way to early! I have totally lost it. I am re-watching all of these to find him.. not in a creepy way only in a I cannot wait every week to watch one episode of Arrow or Flash to get my Amell fix before the new TMNT 2 comes out.

Whoa. Apologies. ADD kicked in! Okay back on track.

Needless to say there were many other Marvel movies and DC had graced us with IZombie! They have redeemed themselves! Congratulations DC.

Then one night I was sitting on the couch and Brian decided to turn on Jessica Jones. I have no idea who this is and was nervous I would have to deal with watching such a horrible show. Also, the actress, Krysten Ritter, is in Don’t trust the B in apartment 13 though I didn’t think she could pull off a role such as this one.

First episode was…eh.

Then the second episode had begun and there it was! Her apartment, her dark past, her incredible witty & sarcastic personality. Who is this adorable superhero? I must finish this first season. I must find out who KilGrave is! This is the best friggin show. I laughed, freaked out, and could not wait for the next episode!

You seriously must go watch this TV show. It is on Netflix and it is epic. There are parts that are a bit cheesy. Yet, they did such an incredible job on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


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