Mermaid memoir 1

My Story is one filled with anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and mistakes.

A memoir is memories that an individual writes about moments or events, either public or private, that took place in the subject’s life.

Moving forward these will be my Mermaid Memoirs.

It is raining today. The soft sound of the pitter-patter or droplets upon the ground. Watching them happily dance on the leaves of the tree outside of my dining room window. These create a calming to the day. A subtlety that gets forgotten within the bustle of our busy world. My heart weeps. Therefore, It feels just like the rain outside. The debilitating anxiety causes the inability to be able to finish the tasks that I need to. I feel even worse about myself. To clarify, with zero energy, drive, or focus to bring myself to fulfill any of my aspirations.

Anxiety rises within my chest causing my heart to flutter and my lungs become tight. 
My eyes begin to burn as the tears form filling up the bottom lid blurring my vision. I feel like I let everyone down, I feel like a failure, not good enough and that I am not worthy.

I have fallen back into the self-help realm. With the absence of these books and podcasts and without any of my ongoing practices of meditation and yoga I feel disconnected. Disconnected from the world around me and mostly myself. My true inner self. Connecting to the Universe, I can get things done, feel less foggy and definitely not as depressed.

That is to say, all of the things I want to do and accomplish suffocate me. I want my podcast to be a successful place to bring awareness and aid to anxiety and depression.

My website keeps falling behind. I would like it to be a place to come to share and bring hope, love and more ways to overcome feelings of not being good enough. Similarly, my site should be providing information like my top gurus.

In conclusion, I want to write books and inspire others.