Harry Potter Sorcers Stone

Today is National Read a damn Book Day!

Potentially added some words to this National Day. Time to celebrate one of my favorite holidays! We can be honest that any day that involves reading or a book is a holiday created for me!

As of late it is difficult to get books in our busy days, turning to Audible is the only way I can really stay in the game! When I was growing up it was so easy to just sit ALL day disappearing into a new land, time, or world all together. One of my all time favorite books was obviously Harry Potter. I was in fifth grade when I stumbled upon the magical world of Potter! I would visit the bookstore frequently with my best friends. We created a tiny book club… No Biggie!

The day was like any other day, we walked into Waldenbooks and started to peruse the shelves and definitely the Teen Section. I know I was young yet I have always been a hopeless romantic! Making me really interested in romantic stories. To this day I watch coming of age/teen series, now more with paranormal nuances.

Picking up Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone

I was heading out of the bookstore as I passed a circular table right at the front, how did I miss this table? I picked up the paperback seeing a boy on the front on a broom. Never hearing the title or seeing this cover I wasn’t sure what it was about or if I would even want to waste my time with this. Like now, I pick a book solely on its cover and then read the synopsis. If it sounds interesting I’ll buy it!

Also, just like tv/movies, it is similar to dating. Once a series ends it is like breaking up. Now you gotta get back out in the “dating” world. “My friends say you are interesting”. On the other spectrum, “It isn’t me it is you, you’re really bad and there was zero depth in your character development. Not even a climax”

Life Changing Series

To continue, everyone has had that book series that impacted them as they were growing up. It is one you could relate to, made you feel like home, and helped you through hardships. The characters were your best friends you had to rush home and dive right into your comfy spot, binging chapter after chapter. I didn’t have Netflix when I was growing up. To be honest, I am very grateful for that.

When the second book for Harry Potter came out I was lucky enough to have my father take me to the midnight launch. It was memorable, not only because I could spend time with my dad yet also I could continue the story I was waiting so patiently for!

Reading is life changing!

What is your favorite book?

What are you currently reading?

What series changed your life or helped you?

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