Damsels in Excess #1
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    Story - 8/10
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    Art - 8/10
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    Overall - 8.5/10


Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Release: July 23, 2014

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These aren’t your typical maidens in Damsels in Excess #1

When you think of Damsels in Distress you think of ladies who are unable to handle themselves. In Damsels in Excess #1, this is not the case.  In the land of the Five Realms, the existence of men has long since been evaporated from the hearts and minds of women. Princess Bethany–ruler of Evanfar, the largest and most prominent kingdom, finds herself at the center of a vast conspiracy that could not only threaten her kingdom-but also her life!


Vince Hernandez has colorfully constructed the beginning of an intriguing series. This issue is mostly for building the characteristics of what he refers to as the Five. In Damsels in Excess #1, there is the five royalty that we meet. The Damsels are coming together to celebrate the Princess Bethany’s name day. As the story begins, we are brought up to speed on why there isn’t one man within the five realms.

Damsels in Excess #1

Damsels in Excess #1

Each quirky and royal damsel is introduced within this first issue. Allowing us to see how strong and confident some are where others are backstabbers and reminded me of Cersai from Game of Thrones. Reading through the story you will connect with certain Damsels hoping that their stories are happily ever after. Even if there aren’t any “Princes”.

Hernandez gives personalities to these Damsels that many of us can relate to. Also, he adds some cattiness to certain ones that will start creating some rifts throughout this issue. Furthermore, there are certain situations that are placed in this issue that brings unanswered questions between the Five and also potentially small child that is found.


Mirka Andolfo brought the heat on these covers/interiors. To begin with, the cheery colors and scantily clad ladies perked my attention. Though, what won me over was Bethany and her punk rock, gypsy look with badass hair and piercings.  Damsels in Excess #1 brought a brighter outlook for a medieval time and Andolfo helped bring this to life.

Though it was heavily brought to life by colors and the ladies themselves, Simone Di Meo helped shape these ladies with some helpful ink-work.

Final Thoughts

As a result, I was thoroughly impressed and intrigued by this interesting story line. In the beginning, reading that there were not any male characters I had to let go of my usual romantic excitements within stories. Or do I? There are many twists, turns and troubles that appear. I was not to fond of certain characters especially those that you could tell were up to no good.

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