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Do you feel excited to wake up, walk to your kitchen and brew that morning cup of coffee?


Does it make you feel perkier or more at home smelling that freshly brewed cup of java?

Let us be honest for many (including myself) that morning cup of Joe is a treasured ritual. Yet, when one cup becomes two… then three, then a pot, even more this feels more like an addiction than a “treat”.

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In no way am I here to demonize this outstanding treasure.

There have even been studies showing that the benefits outweigh the risks. Though if your coffee controls you and the experience of not drinking coffee is painful, there may be more downsides for you.

So, Let us talk about the good, the bad and also some solutions for those who want to bring in the reigns of this addicitve jitter juice.

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Coffee & Sleep

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A good night sleep helps you heal. Having a restful sleep activates your body’s own regenerative abilities. This time allows your body to repair and restore itself.

Yet, coffee (because of caffeine) can be the enemy of a restful slumber.

One Study measured sleep quality when people consume 400mg of caffeine (which is about a venti from Starbucks) at bedtime, 3 hours before bedtime and 6 hours before bedtime. All groups experienced a statsitcally lower amount of sleep.


Even that mid-afternoon pick me up may be disrupting the restfulness and quality of your zzz’s.

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Coffee & Your Adrenals

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How does the cup of Joe effect your mojo? Well, when you drink caffeine, neurons are triggered within your brain. Your adrenal glands start pumping out adrenaline.

Adrenaline is what is used for our “fight or flight” response. This is fantastic for when we need to lift a car off of an injured person or run away from a saber tooth tiger. Though if you are sitting at your desk sorting through your emails, probably not.

When Adrenaline wears off, you’re left feeling, moody, anxious, and wiped out. What  do we do then? Duh! More Caffeine please! Sometimes if we can’t get caffeine we move to sure or any other stimulant you can find.

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Adrenal Exhuastion


This stops our little glands from doing their many jobs, which include: producing other essential hormones, boosting the immune system, regulating the health of your body tissues and balancing blood sugars.

Similar to an alcoholic, coffee drinkers need more and more caffeine over time to get the same boost. Welcome to adrenal burnout!

Symptoms of burnout: constant low blood sugar, depressions, fatigue, allergies, joint and muscle pain, even chronic infections.

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Good News!

These symptoms of burnout and adrenal exhaustion can be remedied! How you ask? Well simple, if it is caused by too much caffeine you just need to eliminate EXCESSIVE stimulants and stresses on the body. If you can keep your intake to one to two cups of caffeinated coffee a day, you probably won’t experience the roller coaster.

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4 Tips To Reduce Caffeine:

*Drink a green juice before enjoying your cup of coffee. The more juice you drink, the fewer outside stimulants you will need to feel energized.

*Drink green or white tea after you’ve met your 2 cup limit. The relatively small amount of caffeine within these drinks will definitely help you transition.

*Try cacao (raw chocolate). It contains small traces of caffeine. Add it to your smoothie or juice!

*Brew up something tat mimics the taste of coffee. Teeccino or Dandy Blend are great herbal substitutes!


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