How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours – Wayne Dyer

Relationships are everywhere. Work, home, pets, friends, family… Everywhere you look, turn, and run there are relationships there to support you or there are relationships there to dethrone you.

Something that has been difficult for me to understand and grasp fully, is that you can never control the other person. You may not understand or know how the other person is feeling. You can’t always understand why the person does what they do. You can’t dictate how they react. Most importantly You Cannot Change The Past.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home.. it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it

-Chuck Palahniuk

I was in an extremely toxic relationship for roughly five years. It was on and off, if you can relate. It was not physically abusive, though mentally and verbally it fit the bill.

It broke me.

I kept going back and kept thinking there was something wrong with me. I felt that this person, just like I was doing for them, had my best interest at heart.

I would only feel secure when he showed me affection. When it was absent I would spiral into deep dark depression thinking “What am I doing wrong to not receive his love?” Yet, as I look back his love was only empty promises, empty lines, empty “I love you’s”, “I will never leave you”, “You are everything to me”

Then, after the second time I caught him speaking to one of his exes, I realized how I was walking on eggshells. How I was living a fraction of my life. Most of it in fear. The other half in false hope. Every time we would break up, or I felt the strength to walk away, I would come back because I wanted to feel that love, appreciation, affection. Only to feel like I had made the worst decision and wondering if he was messaging anyone else.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go – Hermann Hesse

I remember the times we would separate or argue. I wasn’t able to eat, sleep, I felt scared, and I felt alone. I know I had so many people in my “corner” telling me how this was better for me and he had done me a favor. All I could think of was how desperate I felt to get him back or figure out why I wasn’t good enough for him.

 I was scared to be alone. I was scared of only having myself. I didn’t have many close friends any more due to isolating myself throughout the relationship. Also, loosing many disapproving friends. Though, through these times I would start to work on myself. Lean on books by Louise Hay, Gabby Bernstein and Wayne Dyer. Started exercising, eating well and feeling much happier. Which is usually when the timing came for him to come right back into my world.

Finally the end…

It was December 2015, he was distant, abrasive, and short with me. He stayed out with “friends” and slept on the couch. The inevitable happened. He broke it off with me. I remember that Thursday night. Crying and begging him to work on things and that I was sorry for whatever I may have done. That Friday morning driving his kids to school saying goodbye for good, my things in tow.

Not realizing that this definitely a God send.
I  slowly started to improve yet again.  Even though I was feeling better about myself, I still had a long way to go. Which then I noticed I was trying to use other relationships as a safety net. My heart has been broken many times. My mind is still broken. Which tends to spiral me into the black abyss.  All of these distractions that add to the depression that overlays my external persona.
I still battle with anxiety and depression and it can create tension in all relationships that I have. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of responding incorrectly. Fear of hurting someone. Fear of acting like I am better than someone else.

There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go – Jessica Hatchigan

These thoughts are on a negative reel that plays in my head daily. It affects me the most when I am romantically with someone. I lash out when I feel down on myself. I break out in tears when I feel overwhelmed. I am accusatory. I have nights I want to curl under the covers and ignore everyone and maybe sleep for two days straight. Then be upset that I wasted valuable time. I hate myself because I can see my anxiety causing issues yet I can’t control it as easily as I would like.

So this is where I am – trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense. Working with a therapist and trying to use other outlets, such as blogging, to help release these negative thoughts and hopefully reaching someone else. Maybe shedding some light to others that are close to me. Which when reading this they will go “That is why you are doing that” It is me trying to be strong and transparent, loving and compassionate, supportive and brave for all those other struggling with similar situations.

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Some Days Are Just Bad Days, That’s All…

Depression is not something to take lightly. This is a disease of the brain. Experts believe that there are certain chemicals that falter out of balance to cause this disease. Over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. That isn’t including those who have not spoke to anyone.

Good News is that this is a disease that can be managed and worked with using less invasive techniques. Which we will go over within this blog.
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favorite activities
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over minor things
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and insomnia
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How does clinical hypnotherapy treat depression?

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Learn More
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Learn More
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Use the power of suggestion to create long term improvement

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Hypnotherapy provides an effective way to access your ability to affect your physical body.  We self-sabotage with our thoughts and behaviors. Through the guided meditations you will notice correcting of restless sleep, low energy, headaches and chronic pain. Can even use hypnotherapy to increase motivation to exercise and eat properly!

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Change that lasts a lifetime!

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By Jenna Clark

No matter if you are dating or not this is great information to help intensify romance, love and intimacy within any kind of relationship.


Well, glad you asked. Let me tell you, this is a total different era we are living in.

Over the holidays I went to my grandparent’s house. It was recently their 58th Wedding Anniversary! That is extremely impressive!

The love story that is entwined to them is miraculous to say the least. Back in the day love was real. It seems as if we live in an age of internet love connections, instant hookups and grass is greener mindset.


There is evidence, relationships, to suggest that we are looking for romance! Always have been. So, the search of old-time love at least exists. We are bombarded by disinformation.  It’s no wonder that Tinder is so popular as a way to simply bypass the complications of love, reducing them down to our primal urges.

“Back in the day, the courting process was beautiful!”

People wrote one another poetry and long adoring letters. They wanted intimacy, attraction, and magic. Wanderlust

There is no reason to believe that we have drastically changed, even if our focus is greatly influenced by sex and body image.

Thankfully, longtime research combined with common sense can bring us closer to finding romance, as well as rekindling your current relationships.

Here are 11 timeless pieces of advice on finding an intimate relationship.

  1. If you are interested in someone, TAKE TIME TO GET TO KNOW THEM. I totally get it when someone is extremely attractive and hormones are on overdrive. Chances are they are definitely used to compliments. Instead of complimenting their looks, ask them questions that will grow your bond.
  2. The power of human touch. There is a certain art to increasing the passion with one another. Certain tantric principles suggest getting to know every ounce of your partner’s body helps join you in physical love.
  3.  If you have read countless articles, sites, books on how to make love like a champ, SHOW THEM WITH YOUR ACTIONS.
  4. Being too critical. Let’s not get to over zealous. It is easy to criticize especially those you are very close to. The next time you feel the urge to pop out with some critical comment about your partner, stop, express your gratitude instead. Look for a positive when all you may be faced with is negatives.


5.Get together for a cup o coffee or tea. It has been said that you can get to know someone deeper over a warm drink.

6.LAUGH. Women and men both want a partner that they can grow old with. If you are not interested in each other when you are young why would you want to sit next to that person when your older? Successful dates are when laughter is most involved.

7.Body Image. Women and men are both guilty of obsessing over appearances. It doesn’t matter how much cellulite or the size of your penis. When looking for a partner, most people are more concerned with how attentive the other person is than their body.

8.LISTEN. Like Link’s fairy we must listen, rather than waiting for our turn to speak. Actually engage in what your lover or potential lover has to say. It’s called eye contact!

9.If you have a serious disagreement, DO NOT ACCUSE. Also, there is no need to criticize and for sure to withhold any love. Take time. Go to a quiet place to talk about problems that will resolve issues to make you stronger as a couple. No resentment zone.

10.Let’s take it back to the era of love. Who doesn’t love receiving a heartfelt letter? Even be more romantic and send it via snail mail! It doesn’t matter if you live in the same home. To see your own handwriting, thoughts, and feelings is something truly special. It worked then, it will work now.

11.DO NOT BE AFRAID OF INTIMACY. It is the most amazing thing to feel intimate with another. Embrace it! Yes, intimacy makes us vulnerable. It can be scary opening up to someone especially if we have been hurt in the past. You might get hurt again. Though, you will never truly know unless you try. I finally opened up to my boyfriend and let me tell you intimacy is blissful and so breathtaking. Never knew you could feel such ecstasy. So Dive in!

It is such a powerful feeling to be with someone you love. Intimacy is a wonderful thing and everyone deserves it. Make sure to witness your self worth and also living in love.