Earlier this year I started my Podcast, Geek Responsibly, my website, Geeks & Garters, was updated and I began outlining a novel. Yet, I am now working on building my Twitch Stream! I have hit Twitch Affiliate within my first month!
Though, something that crosses my mind about this new venture is:

Is it too late to become a Twitch Streamer?

From my experience so far, I will go with NO! It is never too late. Some key points on how you can stand out in this bustling, over populated streaming world would be:

  • How do you stand out?
  • Find your niche ( what games do you play?)
  • Work hard
  • Time Management

The internet is endless! There are so many opportunities and many new ways to approach something that seems ‘too hard’ to be successful. Don’t let the fact that Twitch is popular and there is already people doing what you wanted. Also, don’t let your thoughts of not feeling good enough be an excuse to stopping you from living your dreams and passions.

How do you stand out?

This may seem difficult. However, there is a simple answer.

As long as you are creating entertaining and authentic content that is somewhat different to other’s streaming the same games. You Will Stand Out From The Noise!

Honestly, you do not have to recreate content. You can be incredibly successful doing something similar to others -just be yourself! This is the same when authors write books that are similar concepts as others. Though, they write the way they interpret which catches the eye of their followers.

Now I am not saying to go copy everything that another streamer is doing, because they are not you. You can take certain points, techniques or how they play the game and incorporate this within your own. This is a great opportunity to show the followers who you are! Your catchphrases, emotes, badges, sounds, and alerts can all be unique to you and your “theme”.

Similarly, you play Farming Simulator like Empyre. If he is not currently on, who says his audience is not looking for somebody just like you?

Find Your Own Niche

This will be a phrase that you will hear often. If you notice that there are gaps within the Twitch Market you should be looking to fill these gaps! What is the value you bring to viewers?

Are you an incredible painter? Do you love health & wellness? Why not incorporate these into live streams? You can paint and talk about techniques, brushes, and do giveaways.

Build up a community, you could start moving those live streams into YouTube channel which you can start connecting to even more parts of the world. If this continues to grow, who says you cannot write ‘How to’ PDFs and sell them!

There are ways to find your niche:

Who are you?

Just be yourself. Yes, people fake characters just like DrDisrespect, yet that is 100% him acting as his character! Which he has roughly 3million followers. Clearly, he is doing everything to entertain and engage his followers.

Study other’s Stream!

Read, watch, listen to everything that other streamers are doing that are similar to you and your stream. In this case, watch a ridiculous amount of Twitch streamers to understand what ‘niche’ they are working with. See which streamers are standing out on other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. While you watch, critically dissect what they do and what made their stream funny? What is their branding? What makes them stand out and engage their audience?

Just because there are 127 streamers doing better than you, doesn’t mean there is no room for you to become successful.

Simply put, get ready to work your socks off. Consistency is key. Get a schedule down to stream 3 times a week and 1 day jump into other streamers chat and watch. Yet, don’t work too hard…

Time Management

I understand it is overwhelming thinking of adding a Streaming schedule and dedicating 3 or more days to this platform. It isn’t easy to balance life and adding a side hustle. Time must become something you plan for! I added it to my Google Calendar.

Make sure to give yourself some free time to also relax. Note, if you are willing to drop 5 hours a week into a Netflix binge, that is 5 hours you could have spent creating or improving content…

I hope this helps and gives you a bit more confidence to jump into the Twitch Streaming world. The internet is endless with opportunities. I mean the other day I stumbled upon ASMR. I do not recommend looking into this, though now that I say this I am sure you already clicked out of here and searched for it. It was terrifying and confusing. Yet, seeing the amount of people following these Streamers built my confidence that I could make it with better content I just need to make the time and create the content!

message Me

I love your feedback, your ideas, and anything you want to share with us!

Make sure to take the time to send me a message. I would love to collaborate or just respond with a thoughtful message!

My Favorite Things

These aren’t your typical maidens in Damsels in Excess #1

When you think of Damsels in Distress you think of ladies who are unable to handle themselves. In Damsels in Excess #1, this is not the case.  In the land of the Five Realms, the existence of men has long since been evaporated from the hearts and minds of women. Princess Bethany–ruler of Evanfar, the largest and most prominent kingdom, finds herself at the center of a vast conspiracy that could not only threaten her kingdom-but also her life!


Vince Hernandez has colorfully constructed the beginning of an intriguing series. This issue is mostly for building the characteristics of what he refers to as the Five. In Damsels in Excess #1, there is the five royalty that we meet. The Damsels are coming together to celebrate the Princess Bethany’s name day. As the story begins, we are brought up to speed on why there isn’t one man within the five realms.

Damsels in Excess #1

Damsels in Excess #1

Each quirky and royal damsel is introduced within this first issue. Allowing us to see how strong and confident some are where others are backstabbers and reminded me of Cersai from Game of Thrones. Reading through the story you will connect with certain Damsels hoping that their stories are happily ever after. Even if there aren’t any “Princes”.

Hernandez gives personalities to these Damsels that many of us can relate to. Also, he adds some cattiness to certain ones that will start creating some rifts throughout this issue. Furthermore, there are certain situations that are placed in this issue that brings unanswered questions between the Five and also potentially small child that is found.


Mirka Andolfo brought the heat on these covers/interiors. To begin with, the cheery colors and scantily clad ladies perked my attention. Though, what won me over was Bethany and her punk rock, gypsy look with badass hair and piercings.  Damsels in Excess #1 brought a brighter outlook for a medieval time and Andolfo helped bring this to life.

Though it was heavily brought to life by colors and the ladies themselves, Simone Di Meo helped shape these ladies with some helpful ink-work.

Final Thoughts

As a result, I was thoroughly impressed and intrigued by this interesting story line. In the beginning, reading that there were not any male characters I had to let go of my usual romantic excitements within stories. Or do I? There are many twists, turns and troubles that appear. I was not to fond of certain characters especially those that you could tell were up to no good.

How do you start your mornings? Is it difficult to wake up?

Do you feel lethargic and fried? This is not a healthy way to begin your days!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed on trying to change your lifestyle drastically! Start slow… Give your self some hope.

Stretching in the morning allows you to ground your thoughts, breath deeper, and obviously increase flexibility. It is outstanding what you can achieve in less than 10 minutes.

Make sure to always be a  tiny bit warmed up before you stretch. I usually stretch after I shower! Yet, if you rather stretch right out of bed make sure to be gentle.

Now, what we all been waiting for! The Main Event: 8 stretches to add to your morning routine to feel strong, flexible and grounded af!

Upper back release- target is upper back and shoulders.

To begin stand hip width apart, you can bring arms up over head with a slight head tilt upwards. Exhale clasp your hands and lower them shoulder height. Round upper back keeping arms straight and engaged.

Hold for 2-3 slow deep breaths

Chest release – target chest, shoulder and bicep.

This one requires a wall, door frame or window ledge. Hold surface with left arm, step forward with left leg and turn entire body to the right including your hips.

Hold for 4-6 steady breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Side stretch – targets the IT band, obliques and shoulder.

Standing with right hand on bed, cross left leg in front of the right. Shift into left hip and reach left arm up and over head. Creating a long line from the left ankle to the left fingers.

Hold 2-3 breaths. Repeat on right side.

Seated spinal twist – targets the spine, neck and shoulders.

Sitting on edge of bed legs together lengthen spine rotating to the left. Bring left arm to ceiling with an inhale. Exhale place behind you. Bring right hand across body to left knee. Deeper stretch gaze over left shoulder.

Hold 2-3 breaths. Repeat on Right side.

We are halfway through! Ready? Get some water and deep breaths.

Standing hamstring stretch – target duh Hammies!

Bring right leg up onto bed supporting your knee. (If flexibility is not this advanced yet use the wall, step, or bench) Keep legs hip distance and parallel. Foot flexed. If you need to increase stretch, hinge at hips keeping spine straight.

4-6 breaths and repeat other side.

Standing quad stretch – target quads.

Brace yourself with right hand on bed. Slowly raise right leg grasping with left hand. Keep pelvis neutral and spine tall raising head to ceiling.

4-6 breaths repeating on other side.

Outer hip stretch – target hips and outer thigh.

Place right leg with knee bent onto bed. Square your hips and make sure front of the knee is outside of the front of your shoulder. Keep spine straight, hinge forward at the hips if comfortable, supporting yourself with your hands.

4-6 breaths other sides.

Standing forward bend – target low back and hamstrings.

Bringing your feet hip width apart knees slightly bent, inhale bringing your arms up over head. Exhale swan dive down to the ground. Allow your upper half to hang freely over your legs.

2-3 breaths you can release your neck by moving head side to side or nod yes and no. To come out of this pose pull in abs and slowly rise up vertebra by vertebra.

What are other ways you begin your mornings? Do you have other stretches you do in the morning? Do you add healthy food choices?


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Hello lovelies!

So, I woke this morning and unfortunately had the weirdest headache… On any normal occasion I  would never EVER take pain relievers. They damage our livers. Yet it would not shake. Sadly, I  took the damn pill…
The headache was still lingering like that damn Garbage song. I decided it would be a great idea to break out my old yoga moves! Duh!

I know the excuses come flooding in. Quite frankly I’m tired of hearing them and I’m tired of making them myself.
I decided on a yoga flow to build energy, relieve stress, and to lengthen my muscles.
Deep breath in and begin!

To start I stepped onto my mat and got into tadasana, mountain pose. Took couple breaths here.
*forward fold
*halfway lift
*forward fold
*rise to standing
Repeat 3-5x to lubricate the joints

Crawling down to the mat
*Cat Cow
*Thread the needle
*Child’s pose Favorite
*Downward dog
*Downward dog
3-5 sun salutations at this time could be optional if you wanted to warm up more

*Low lunge Lovez!
*Half split
*Lizard pose
*Quad stretch
*Yogi squat
*Tree pose
*Seated twist
*Some neck stretches

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Ahhh at the end of this sequence I was refreshed, revitalized, and ready to paaaaartaaaaaay!
Movement, especially in the morning, is essential for a healthy strong body, mind, and spirit. It also leads to a more productive day, for sure!

So how can I make this a morning ritual?
-setup yoga mat the night before
-have yoga clothes on may just in case I need to feel like a”yogi” not just in a tank top and my panties!
-make sure my blocks, strap and meditation pillow are close by

I am so thankful to have such incredible knowledge and tools when it comes to giving my body what it truly needs to thrive!

What are some things you do to stay grounded, centered or balanced within our hectic daily lives? Post within the comments below!


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Social Media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact. -Felicia Day

As you may already know, Felicia Day is the Queen of Geeks. She has been an inspiration to myself and geek girls everywhere! I have  hidden my geekiness for awhile, due to a destructive and extremely manipulating relationship. I am very happy to say that I am starting to open up again to the world on how amazing it is to be yourself.

Never mold yourself into what you believe is appropriate, appreciated or accepted by others.

I play video games, I read books, I have weird @$$ conversations, and sometimes I like to talk like the cowardly lion or impersonate Sarah Palin. This goes over well in large groups!

I am very awkward…actually people are very awkward and I can respect that. I realize they are just like me. So, let your freak flag fly bitches and raise whatever you want to the sky!

On to the real topic at hand. I had the opportunity to become a full on geek the other day! A month ago a friend of mine messaged me saying that Felicia Day herself was coming to Tempe, AZ! That is my backyard! Usually, at a moment of this magnitude I say how much I want to go though deep down I know I will not due to being embarrassed, anxious, nervous or scared. (Some of you can relate to this).

Yet, this is Felicia Day we are talking about here!

If I don’t go I will disown myself! My life would be a complete waste. Naturally, I purchased her book which guaranteed me a spot at the book signing! I put it in my calendar. I told everyone and posted it on my facebookWell, now I have to go!

Felicia Day

The weekend before the book signing sh!t started to get real! Oh my gosh… I will be going to a book signing! I will be going to a book signing of Felicia Day’s! WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT IF I MAKE AN ASS OUT OF MYSELF?! I WILL MAKE AN ASS OUT OF MYSELF! At the time, I tell my now ex-boyfriend I was going. (This is another thing I never did because he would make me feel horrible for doing things for myself. As I stated before it was a horrendous relationship). He told me I was a geek… You know what? Yeah, I am!

 Change that lasts a lifetime!
A place to read and relax!
Stories that have captured my heart

The day arrives, Monday August 17th…

I go to work. My insides are tight all morning. My friends message me and see that I am going. I see that there are roughly 500 people signed up on Facebook alone. What if i do not get to see her? No signing, No picture, I don’t get to see her smile… My heart races throughout the rest of the work day.

Finally, work was over. I drive…speed to my house. I sit in my closet looking for an outfit that will complement me the best yet not scream “I AM OBSESSED WITH YOU”. Am I already passed that point? Who cares. Anywho, I then sit in the bathroom.  Indian style it on my sink counter and apply my makeup. From concealer, blush, eye shadow, eye lashes I then began my hair. I decided to curl it. I felt safe. As I was getting myself ready my friends were messaging me asking when I would head over there.

I pulled into the parking lot and wanted to puke!
I pulled into the parking lot and wanted to puke!

Great news was that the book store decided to begin the signing early. My friend and I were in line and I could see her! At this moment, I could tell that I started to sweat. Finally, I was going to meet her. Since I wasn’t next I thought about running. No one would notice. While I contemplated we inched closer and closer to her table.

As a result, I was next. 

I walked towards her, smiling from ear to ear. She spoke to me! “I love your hair! You remind me of Jenna Marbles. You look like her” I lost it. I love Jenna Marbles and Felicia Day is even cooler than I thought! I couldn’t even talk. We got our picture taken and I was shifted to the side to wait for my friend to talk to her next.


Felicia Day Book Tour

That was the greatest experience of my life! Looking back at it now I wish I didn’t become startstruck. I wish I would have talk to her about the 1,000 topics I had in my head before I got in front of her. Yet, it was still something I did and survived. Anxiety and all!

Who is someone you saw and became star struck?


Four Health Benefits of Marriage


A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye 

I began my journey within photography three years ago. Needing an outlet for my creative side it fulfilled just that. Loving the experience as well as the final product photography is a process that will always be apart of my life. When Jodi Lynn of Photography by Jodi Lynnpresented this incredible opportunity to become an Intern at Le Boudoir Studio, I jumped right in!

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams

What brought me to enjoy photography?

Photography was something I have had immense passion for since High School. I received my first digital camera in 2009 and annoyed everyone with taking their pictures and took pictures of everything around me.

Boudoir has definitely been the one that has caught my attention. Even when I was younger I admired all of the beautiful women, the makeup, the outfits, the poses.

Who doesn’t want to feel like an Angel in the Centerfold?


It tells such a gorgeous story through the eyes. The way someone can be captured with not only outer beauty yet also inner. My favorite person, whom I’d watch movies as well as look at her photos, is Marilyn Monroe. No matter, what she could catch anyone’s eye and tell a story through her own!

I will continue to practice photography and better my skills. I cannot wait to continue sharing with you the incredible things I capture.

You should check out some of my other posts such as Felicia Day Book Tour! Enjoy!


Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. -Albus Dumbledore

It is finally here! I have been waiting for JK Rowling to continue the series that had filled and shaped my childhood. The continuation of this story grows with the characters and also us as readers.

Harry Potter is back!

This book came out when I was in fifth grade. I remember, back in Sheboygan, WI, having my parents drop me off at the Walden Bookstore. There, I had met some friends from school and we were picking out the next book for our “book club”. We were walking to the register when it had caught my eye. What was this? A boy on a broomstick!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

When I read the back of the book, it had created excitement and wonder. I begged for us to read this one instead of the utter crap we probably picked out. And so I traveled home with a book that would forever change my life!:)

Now, my fellow wizard mate is back!

The eighth Harry Potter story is finally out. Though it is not a novel, it is a rehearsal script for an actual play that has opened in the Palace Theatre in London’s West End. It has been said that a regular script will be released later this year. *Squeel*

The book has upset, confused and disappointed many people. It is just a small part of a whole experience that Rowling is envisioning. Even though it does not feel connected with the glorious story that Rowling created within the last seven books, it does, however, provide an interesting sight into what adventures Harry and his mates will unravel in the future.

Honestly, I cannot wait to finish my copy. It is intriguing to see how much I truly missed this story.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

-Albus Dumbledore

Terrorism, our country turning on itself, and violence is everywhere we turn. Yet, it is empowering to see that we are still able to be dreamers, wishers, and adventure seekers (pun-intended) through the pages of our favorite books.

If you have yet to get a copy of this book, wait for no further click on one of the links below:) ACCIO POTTER!



Strong Is The New Sexy

It is easy to consume fat burners, supplemental shakes, or even starve ourselves. Fast and unhealthy weight loss is a growing obsession these days. Society bombards us with unrealistic body goals on social media, we are part of judgments focused on physical appearance, and we are pressured to be a size zero every time we look in the mirror.

This is all harmful. I felt this pressure even in fifth grade, more so as I got into high school and it even happens now. There was a point of time I became bulimic to try to change my image faster. It wasn’t until I had food allergies and leaky gut syndrome  tearing me up that I realized I can’t do those “quick fixes” and “fast result” weight loss. It isn’t even about weight loss. It is all about gaining health.

I am still trying to heal my relationship with food.

Being a female myself, I know that it is difficult to think positively of ourselves. One thing I have observed for myself is having positive thoughts and feeling good about myself made me feel more confident and much easier to be around.

You are gorgeous! and totally amazing!

Number One: Shoot for no more than 1-2lbs of weight loss per week

It may be upsetting. I know we want instant gratification, especially if there is 50 to 60lbs you want to lose, yet shedding 1-2 per week is going to get you to your goal and help you to stay there. Let’s break it down for ya… One pound is basically 3500 calories. If you lose one pound per week, that means you’ve eaten 3500 fewer calories that week or essentially burned an extra 3500 calories, or a combination!

Two: Weigh yourself no more than once a week.

I have tested this before and noticed that I can weigh myself in the morning and by lunch time I am usually 2-3 lbs heavier! WTF! This can be caused by sodium intake, water loss, dehydration and even hormones. I am aware of this yet there is something about seeing those damn numbers go up and down that my mood takes an emotional roller coaster. This can create a lot of inner turmoil and sabotage your progress. So Quit it! Pick one day a week and time to do your weighing sessions. This will be more reliable.

Another thing to remember is usually the scale starts to go up due to building muscle.Just don’t jump on the scale at all.

Three: Consider taking your body measurements and a photo.

This is way more accurate then a scale. It could take weeks for the scale to reflect your work. Fat cells are  decreasing in size while your muscle cells are growing and getting more dense causing the scale to be higher. If you take your before hip thigh waist and arm measurements as well as your body fat percentage you will more than likely see results on a weekly basis.

Four: Beware of the things that can hinder your success.

We know what we are suppose to avoid. Stress is probably the biggest culprit though. Being stressed about your weight is one of the top reasons we slow down our progress. I know it is difficult. Look into some relaxing techniques such as hypnotherapymeditation, yoga, or even essential oils. Practicing these techniques will help calm your nerves and promote balanced and long-term weight loss!

Also, rapid weight loss is a weight loss killer. It is not healthy to loose 3-4 lbs a week. It lowers your metabolism significantly and PERMANENTLY! Your nutrition becomes depleted which causes energy crashes and cravings, yet also means your weight will be quick to find you again and increasingly more difficult to lose the next time.

With a well-paced approach to weight loss is the first step in developing a healthy relationship with your body. Now that you have the building blocks, we must shift our attention to increasing our self-love and positive self talk!

Want extra guidance to reach your weight loss goals? My weight management hypnotherapy programs are exactly what you need to find success! Message me and I can get you set up after a quick interview so I can find what will best support you!


By Jenna Clark

Alright, 2015 is over… Thank heavens!

Not only can we start fresh and new within our own lives, yet the movie directors and producers can try to entertain us with the most glorious films of the year!

Let’s begin with the most obvious. It has been all over facebook, websites, and tons of geeky magazines. That’s correct! Batman vs Superman

Superman and Batman have had many movies that have had ups and downs. Yet never have they been seen on the big screen simultaneously. This film will be the very first to feature both and the very first to feature The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Women. If this ends up working this will be the first, for me, that DC has a decent movie. It could be the beginning of many Justice League movies to come as well!

In other news, I am excited about this DC movie, Suicide Squad!!!  There has been a lot of info released and rumors in regards to this bad boy. Some info that we have seen is wonderful yet a lot of rumors are circling… Yet, the trailer out right now is beautifully put together. It makes me excited to see what the movie has in store for the Task Force X! We are ready for August 5th, 2016 to come already!

Good Luck to you DC!

Now with that out of the way let us get into the real badasses of 2016.

I cannot wait! Recently, through the trailers during Star Wars TFA, there was a trailer for Captain America: Civil War.  Holy Shit! This was non stop adrenaline and quite beautifully shot. It will be the newest Avengers movie to hit. Unfortunately, it will be a bittersweet movie for most. Especially myself. Why?

“Well, glad you asked.”

To begin, this is to go along with the comic books, the Avengers become divided into two opposing factions and after extensive collateral damage prompts the politicians to pass an act regulating superhuman activity. The last Avengers movie we felt a bit of the tension to set up for this movie. Hold on until May 6, 2016

Which brings me to another trailer during Star Wars TFA, X-Men: Apocalypse. I feel bad for saying this yet maybe just a couple weeks ago I had watched X-Men: Days of future past for the first time. Though seeing this trailer was powerful! The story focuses on the return of the first and most powerful mutant, Apocalypse. This guy is a complete badass.

Disillusioned with the modern world, he recruits a team of powerful mutants to destructively clear humanity from the world… Did we mention he can control any mutant? We will find out May 27, 2016!

The Marvel Universe continues!

Gambit. This is one that I have recently found out about and was not aware of its making. I was looking up Channing Tatum on and noticed that he, of all people, will be staring in Gambit. So I researched some more. Obviously, Gambit is an old childhood love in X-Men. Who doesn’t love his explosive card tricks, the use of kinetic energy, and Cajun accent? Well through my attempts I could not find much information on this movie. All I can tell you is that it will be out October 7, 2016. Sorry Geeks and Gals…

To Doctor Strange. I have many friends in love with this comic, again published by Marvel. Bringing this sexy character down is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch! He is going to be having a huge year coming up and we are all excited to see him playing the role of this enchanting Doctor. The general plot here is that Stephen Strange, the world’s top neurosurgeon, is injured in a car accident. This ruins his career but sets him on a journey of healing. We do love those. Nov 4, 2016

Last but not least within the Marvel epicness is my one and only movie I am so excited to be seeing!

That is correct Deadpool! I am looking forward to this masterpiece. Not only is Deadpool an interesting character to say the least. They decided to ask Ryan Reynolds to play this uncanny questionable superhero. It is one of the most highly anticipated movies for this year. Wade Wilson is diagnosed with a butt load of cancer. In order to give him a chance to live he is experimented on and in return is hunting down the man who nearly destroyed his life. It still incorporates the dark humor that you comic lovers yearn for! Feb. 12, 2016

Truly this will be another outstanding year for Marvel and all of the followers!

Turning our attention to one I will be interested in seeing. It took a while but World of Warcraft finally is transformed into a movie! This video game is a family staple… No, I am kidding though it is quite well known. There are books as well and it is set in none other than Azeroth. The plot will focus on the origin of the story. This was where the orcs and humans have their first encounter. The trailer was well done and the Orcs look epic to say the least. We will be looking forward to this film on June 10, 2016.

Zoolander 2 Just a completely ridiculous movie from the trailer and obviously from what we remember from the first movie! Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald are back! They are now recruited by Interpol to infiltrate the new world of high fashion. In the trailer, they have some great cameos too. Unfortunately, it comes out Feb 12, 2016, so I will be seeing Deadpool!

Lastly, we come to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars TFA was the first of many to start gracing our big screens. Very similar to what they have done with The Avengers.

Rogue One is the first film in the Star Wars Anthology, a collection of stand-alone stories set in the universe. The story is set in between events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. From what it sounds like a bunch of rebel fighters team up to take down some plans for a horrible creation, the Death Star! This one will not disappoint and cannot wait for it to come out Dec 16, 2016.

I know that there are and will be so many more classics coming our way though this is the beginning line up of my geeky 2016!